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Sunday School

Every Sunday boys and girls from grades K-6 gather to receive instructions on Bible Stories and lessons that are tailored for the age group. They also spend time with music, Bible studies and other subjects related to Christianity. The classes last for about forty-five minutes. Confirmation classes are conducted depending upon enrollment.


The children are involved with musicals and holiday dramas, and they present these programs during the Worship Services. They also serve as acolytes, and on special occasions such as Mother’s Day and Father’s Day they make a gift that is presented to everyone in the congregation. We also have added other activities that are geared toward their age.


Our Vacation Bible School is a weeklong event and is well attended every year not only by members of the church but by members of the community as well. There is also our Advent Bible School which takes place at 10am every Sunday during the Advent Season.


Come and join us for a fun time learning experience about Jesus Christ.

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